Team Fortress 2 Beta – Introduction

Some of you might have noticed players in your friendslist, playing a game called “Team Fortress 2 Beta”. A small group of top-teams from europe and the USA have been asked to join this new project.

euro teams: Afterlife, Coolclan, Crack Clan, Dignitas, FakkelBrigade, I Don’t Know, Imperial, Rockit, Vale!, Team CoolerMaster

The project headed up by our great friend Robin Walker. The aim of this project is to get the competetive community to help fine-tune TF2 for competetive 6v6 play. We’re still at an early stage, nothing new has been introduced on the beta-client yet but the forums are up and discussions are already ongoing.

The first stage of the beta, as explained to us by Robin Walker. Will be to tweak several items and settings for balance ant other purposes. This means we’ll be playing part of our normal match routine on the beta-client, behaving as we normally would. We all hope we can make TF2 an even better experience with this brilliant project!

I’d like to thank Robin Walker and Valve again for spending so much time and effort on us <3

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