Shintaz/Patrick giving FB a bad name

Shintaz, Shitnaz, Patrick, or whatever you call yourself today, you and your teamstacking shitnerds are giving the Brigade a bad name.

While you rape and pillage in our name, you use the prettiest avatar, the Boomer avatar. This avatar was specially created for the most decent and honest man ever conceived by a Welsh hooker trying to earn some crack, [FB] Cook. You sully his good name!

Cease and desist, or we will send our lawyers. You’ve never even been FB, you’re a retired TF2 noob, so why make us look bad?

Bad boy

First this and now you’ve made smoke come out of their server. Have you no sense of decency sir?

A word of advice to USK:

Ban the fucktards. All of them. You can find all these pricks and their STEAM_ID’s in your logs, or on


Apparently the stackteam is already banned.

23:19 – Patrick: they crashed it to get rid of us
23:19 – Patrick: we know that
23:19 – Patrick: they know that
23:19 – Patrick: and it didnt work until we got banned
23:19 – Patrick: so change the news post :(
23:19 – Patrick: or at least get rid of the ban the fucktards bit, cos that’s already a reality

update 2:

More slander of Cook’s good name by Shintaz/Patrick

23:23 – Patrick: and put that cook was in on it
23:24 – [FB] Arie the Arrogant Atheist: lies!
23:24 – [FB] Arie the Arrogant Atheist: A man of such high morals would never agree to such an evil thing
23:25 – Patrick: he’s practically the leader
23:25 – Patrick: 😉

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