Pros vs Pubs part III

Tonight we were the host for the third edition of the pubs vs the pros, in which 9 public players fight against 6 pro players.

Last time the pros got beaten on gravelpit and badwater, this time the maps were badlands and gravelpit (again).

Of course, we have the STV demos and shoutcast recordings:

STV Demos

Mumble shoutcast recording

2 Responses to “Pros vs Pubs part III”

  • Buck Golemon Says:

    Is there any way to view these old demos now (after the Mac update)?

    I see this in the console:

    Playing demo from auto-20100606-1823-cp_badlands.dem.
    Missing RecvProp for DT_TFPlayer – DT_TFPlayerSharedLocal/m_flPhaseActivationTime
    Host_EndGame: CL_ParseClassInfo_EndClasses: CreateDecoders failed.

  • Arie Says:

    There used to be a guy that created rollback patches for TF2, but he stopped doing it.

    So basically it’s not possible atm.

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