May 16 2010

Obscure RC5

Our good friend Byte has had some changes done to Obscure.

Here’s the new look for obscure RC5. (Download cp_obscure_rc5)

Spawn, new room top right

CP1 overview

CP2-CP4 right defense

CP2-CP4 left attack

New area on CP2/CP4

CP2-CP4 overview

CP3 Right

CP3 bottom right, new door/corridor

Oct 5 2009

Dr.LeoN’s crosshair changer

This is for Source of Annihilation.

The crosshair changer thats shown here could be used a universal command changer for each weapon, I can try and describe it as it goes on. is the code itself, This goes into your solderi.cfg file. This goes into your autoexec.cfg file.

Download these two(crosshair3 defaultcross) configs, and put them in the directory X:\X\Steam\steamapps\X\team fortress 2\tf\cfg. Do not change the name of these files, just change the content if you want to.

What this script dose is change the crosshair from however last weapon you used, so its a really good script, notice I use mousewheelup for changing weapons alongside slot 1-3 binded to 1,2,3  (default keyboard bindings) i use mousewheeldown for jumping. Also, i haven’t been arsed to delete all the +/- reloads to the configs, so you might have to add -reload or cl_autoreload 0 in cfg’s for clip based weapons

REMEMBER: add this into every other cfg that dosen’t use the crosshair changer

Back to the universal command changer

alias “weapon1″ “cl_autoreload 1; sensitivity 1.4; exec defaultcross.cfg; slot1; alias nextweap select21; alias prevweap select31; alias select1 weapon1; alias select2 select21; alias select3 select31;”

this means

alias “weapon1″ “command 1; command 2; command 3; slot1; alias nextweap select21; alias prevweap select31; alias select1 weapon1; alias select2 select21; alias select3 select31;”
So if you want other commands to the same weapon that changes when you change weapons, thats easy done by just adding another ; command 4; command 5 ect.

You can use this script for changing crosshair color, sensitivity, r_viewmodel , viewmodel_fov,  or whatever other command you want, the sky is the limit.

Jul 30 2009

My new friend swarlz

My new friend swarlz asked me to make him a medic script today. This script has a fake-uber button and sends a team-chat message on fake-uber and normal uber triggers.

hi swarlz, you noob!!

Jun 24 2009

Weapon model side-switching

For the latest update I bring you a script that changes the side of the weapon model if you keep a specific button pressed. Along with that I made a script that switches the weapon model’s side whenever you press and release a specific button. Have fun <3

Also I heard that some people might like to have one button to switch+shoot on left side and one to switch+shoot on right side. so I made this script.

EDIT: as of 26/06/09 TF2 is updated and you cannot switch the weapon’s side while connected to a server. so these script are useless ^^

EDIT2: found a way around it. updated all the scripts!!!

Jun 19 2009

Uber message script

Something a lot of medics don’t have but really need. A script that says something in team-chat when you trigger Uber.