Mar 8 2011

And now a message from our corporate overlord

FakkelBrigade is trying to participate in the ESH cup. The upcoming cup has a rather nice 1000 euros prize fund sponsored by Full Tilt poker.

Apparently the guys at Full Tilt poker are rather poor at making their product known and as part of the sponsor agreement all teams wanting to participate have to place one of the messages below on their sites. Having a bunch of random gaming sites link to your site will increase their ranking in search engines, which Google believes is “totally ok


Play online poker with the pros at Full Tilt Poker

Take a break from fragging and play online poker with your teammates

Download online poker software and learn chat and play with the pros at Full Tilt Poker

Play Texas Holdem and many more poker variants at Full Tilt Poker

Learn Texas Holdem for free at Full Tilt Poker

Sign up now and get the best poker bonus at Full Tilt Poker

Deposit now at Full Tilt Poker and get a 100% deposit poker bonus


To me, poker is a rather silly game of cards based mostly on chance requiring little skill. In the Netherlands playing poker online is illegal, linking to such a site should be OK, so we’re safe 😉

Feb 8 2011

DrLeon showing of his skills

Oct 19 2010

Mirelin’s medigun

Mirelin has renamed his medigun to: “Fisshu suck’s”

Nice English my Latvian friend.

Aug 30 2010

Corruption scandal @ i40. Epsilon got robbed!

Damning evidence uncovered by our secret i40 spy. He/she managed to snap these pictures of TF2 admin Mole accepting a bribe from Dignitas dunc. Dignitas went on to win the TF2 tournament.

It all happened right under our noses, on the main stages, mere minutes away from the start of the first map.

Dunc paying Mole

dunc paying Mole

Take a look at Moles greedy eyes! MONEY MONEY MONEYZZZ. After the payment, Mole summoned a few of his minions to make last minute ‘adjustments’ to dunc’s PC.



Here’s a picture of Mole after being confronted with the evidence.

Mole found out

Mole not happy with the truth coming out

Jul 15 2010

I’m camping behind some crates, watching you read this