May 5 2013

Woooo it’s been a year!

Damn! Exfane got a girlfriend, Fisshu finished school, Truls returned from ‘MURRICA, kaidus’ team didn’t fold, Looper still has a baby, Mirelin won medic of the season AGAIN and we started this:

We’re dead, but not gone 😉

Mar 16 2012

Server move

We’ve switched servers. I’ve decided not to migrate all the current users. If you feel you deserve an account on the new server, email me :)

Jan 3 2012

New year cleanup

We’ve cleaned up our list of server users. If you had access to upload files on our server (fragmovies, podcasts, maps) and it got removed, please send an email to the usual address or contact Arie on Steam.

Aug 22 2011

ETF2L awards






Apr 17 2011

The Tt eSPORTS TF2 Challenge

Our corporate overlord has generously sponsored a TF2 competition over at Esports Heaven. A sweet 500 dollar for the team that ends up on top.


Sign up already! :)


We intend to win our own prize money, so bring your A game.