Apr 17 2011

The Tt eSPORTS TF2 Challenge

Our corporate overlord has generously sponsored a TF2 competition over at Esports Heaven. A sweet 500 dollar for the team that ends up on top.


Sign up already! :)


We intend to win our own prize money, so bring your A game.

Feb 27 2011

The takeover

It’s official, we’re now Truls Gaming Incorporated.

Truls Gaming (r)(c)(tm)

The lovely Truls from Norway will be paying for everything with a stolen credit card. Coming Q2 2011, the Truls Gaming tournament with 10000 dollars in prize money!

Jan 5 2011

Our medic is not so awesome

This Magic Mirelin Moment balances out this previous post about his awesomeness

Dec 31 2010

Cya in 2011!

Dec 2 2010

We’re FB, ask us anything

Over at ETF2L: The well #6 – FB