Jul 21 2010

ETF2L AFS: idk? vs TLR

We hosted another great cast tonight with Byte and new recruit ThePledge.

idk? took on TLR on cp_freight and cp_gravelpit. Our very own Exfane played for idk.

Here are the goods:

Shoutcast recording:

both maps + post match interviews + accidental open mic from casters 😉


cp_freight + cp_gravelpit

Jun 6 2010

Pros vs Pubs part III

Tonight we were the host for the third edition of the pubs vs the pros, in which 9 public players fight against 6 pro players.

Last time the pros got beaten on gravelpit and badwater, this time the maps were badlands and gravelpit (again).

Of course, we have the STV demos and shoutcast recordings:

STV Demos

Mumble shoutcast recording

May 31 2010

Dignitas vs Broder ETF2L Radio shoutcast

Posting this a bit late, since I was on holiday:

Last thursday, Dignitas and Broder had a rather long fight. It took 3 maps
ETF2L Radio was there to shoutcast it, and we recorded it 😉



May 20 2010

ETF2L 5th cup: idk? vs TCM

Last night idk? and TCM fought over the ETF2L’s 5th cup title.

cp_granary and cp_gullywash were the maps, and of course you can find the source TV demo’s and shoutcast recording here :)

STV demo:

Shoutcast recording

There’s about a minute of silence at the start of the cp_gullywash, because the casters managed unlink themselves from all the listeners on Mumble.

May 1 2010

4 Weeks

Well fuck you very much. Last sunday the Greeners concluded ETF2L Season 7 with a 5-3 / 4-2 win against Piggy Bankers, securing their 2nd place on the division 4e table and thus their well-deserved spot in division 3 next season.

Roughly 4 months after the formation of FakkelBrigade: Green its roster has changed significally. We’ve waved goodbye to Swarlz and Matji, said so long to Pornangel, Fitz and Innuy and have taken on Chris as medic, Ran as soldier and Ent1re as backup. Now that ETF2L Season 7 is behind us, we’re once again shuffling things around. We’ve recruited Waster to reinforce the soldier team due to Ran not having as much spare time as he used to, transforming our line-up as follows:

Medic: Chris
Scouts: Miaouss / Pyle
Soldiers: Beetle / Waster
Demo: Major Malfunction
Backup: Ent1re / Ran

On a related note, FakkelBrigade: Green has signed up for Season 6 of the Wireplay TF2 League and will be playing Division 3a. Also, most if not all Greeners have signed up for i40. Which should be awesome.

Major Malfunction