Jun 4 2009

A decent gaming monitor

Ever since CRT’s (the big heavy old-school monitors) went the way of the dodo, gamers have been forced to play on TFT monitors. Originally, TFT monitors had bad response times and viewing angles. After a while, screens with 8ms response times and lower were available and many gamers were satisfied with the reactivity of these screens.

Samsung 2233RZI’ve never been fully satisfied with TFT screens. Because of technical limitiations, nearly all TFT screens are stuck at 60Hz, or 60 images per second. No matter how much FPS your awesome gaming system could produce, the TFT would only show you 60. In fast paced FPS games there’s a very noticable difference in ‘smoothness’ of these 60Hz TFT’s compared to CRT’s which can display over 100Hz.

Over time I got used to it, but whenever I saw the smoothness of a good CRT monitor I got jealous.

My horrible suffering has come to an end with the release of the Samsung 2233RZ monitor. It’s a TFT monitor with a true 120Hz refresh rate (unlike those fake 240Hz HDTV’s) and <5ms response times. This monitor combines the smoothness of a good CRT monitor with pixel perfectness  and low weight of a TFT.

It’s quite pricey for a 22″ monitor, doesn’t have a fancy stand and only accepts a DVI input, but if you’ve missed CRT-smoothness ever since you switched to TFT, it’s well worth it.