May 1 2010

4 Weeks

Well fuck you very much. Last sunday the Greeners concluded ETF2L Season 7 with a 5-3 / 4-2 win against Piggy Bankers, securing their 2nd place on the division 4e table and thus their well-deserved spot in division 3 next season.

Roughly 4 months after the formation of FakkelBrigade: Green its roster has changed significally. We’ve waved goodbye to Swarlz and Matji, said so long to Pornangel, Fitz and Innuy and have taken on Chris as medic, Ran as soldier and Ent1re as backup. Now that ETF2L Season 7 is behind us, we’re once again shuffling things around. We’ve recruited Waster to reinforce the soldier team due to Ran not having as much spare time as he used to, transforming our line-up as follows:

Medic: Chris
Scouts: Miaouss / Pyle
Soldiers: Beetle / Waster
Demo: Major Malfunction
Backup: Ent1re / Ran

On a related note, FakkelBrigade: Green has signed up for Season 6 of the Wireplay TF2 League and will be playing Division 3a. Also, most if not all Greeners have signed up for i40. Which should be awesome.

Major Malfunction

Dec 24 2009

FB: Green Public Announcement

Coming Soon... FakkelBrigade: Green
(click image for player biographies)

Hello all, this is a public announcement for all those interested in our team affairs. After 2 or 3 weeks of trialing scouts and medic we can finally say we are done!

We ended up getting with another two members from the latest FakkelBrigade 2 team to fold: Swarlz (who was originally waiting to join the Knifeback Mountaineers, and who many people said would inevitably join) and Matji (who would join to play scout again under the FB banner).

We needed only one scout and of many highly skilled candidates we chose a French guy who is named after a Pokémon… Miaouss (who was actually the first person we trialed, we couldn’t get enough of him and in the end he gelled the most with the team, not to mention his awesome aim!)

After the soldier update came out, Matji wanted to play soldier as his main and Pyle expressed interest in playing scout.

And so the final roster stands as follows: 

  • Beetle – Soldier
  • Major Malfunction – Demoman
  • Matji – Soldier
  • Miaouss – Scout
  • Pyle – Scout
  • Swarlz – Medic

Thanks go out to everyone who trialed for us.