Sep 13 2010

Raising the Fakkel shirt

A long time ago, FB Green won something. It’s unlikely to ever happen again, so they’ve decided to remember this occassion with a shirt. It’s rather nice, so I thought I’d share.

Nice in green

Nice in orange

Major Malfunction has assured me all profits go to ammuntion for child soldiers in Liberia.

Jun 2 2010

Achievement unlocked!


May 11 2010

Fail Gamesense: A Registered EXFANE Trademark

I’m glad to announce that iQue has finished my fragmovie.

iQue: “After a long time of Exfane dusting off old demos, and me starting editing, getting a creative breakdown, starting editing again, remaking a large part from scratch, editing some more, demos starting to crash all the time, rollback versions of TF2 stop working completely, me improvising a little and finally we have something that closely resembles a frag video. It’s all been very fun for me, I’ve learnt a lot on my way and hopefully I haven’t given Exfane any mental illnesses by extending my deadline a couple of times.

Because me and Exfane are elitist bastards we decided to roll with a high quality, high bit rate 60 fps video for the final render. If your PC isn’t quite up to scratch, consult your nearest youtube for advice.”

Buffalo Springfield – For what it’s worth
Sub Focus – Rock it
Logistics – Kaleidoscope

Name: Fail Gamesense: A Registered EXFANE Trademark
Codec: x264
Resolution: 1280×720
Size: 431 MB

FB Download (RECOMMENDED!!!!)

ETF2L Post

Interview (fucking ulv)



Apr 21 2010

Mirelins music single

In a new effort of expanding our brand even further we decided to give mirelin a shot as music artist.
His first album will be coming out shortly, though today we are releasing his first music single.

The price to download this single will be 5,- euro.
We accept payments using either paypall or mastercard.

Below is a preview:


Heres the featured presentation:

Dub step version to follow

Apr 10 2010

i39 Final Video on Demand


The i39 video stream of the TF2 Final is up:

Most epic lan final ever