Apr 6 2010

Lan Experience

A story about i39, a truly epic lan:

Without even talking about our “close-call” trip to Callais and all (Arie, Leon, Exfane) agreeing it wouldve been better to take the boat from Holland next time, the shit already hit the fan back home without anyone knowing.
We arrived in Newbury at about 18:00 GMT and went to our hotel the first, Chequers Hotel Newbury.
I had booked the hotel myself and phoned the week after to confirm our bookings, there was no doubt about it we booked our rooms.
On arrival we heard that our booking agency hasn’t been in contact with the Chequers for over 7 months.
With some great help from one of the employees from the Chequers, props for them, we got into the Queens hotel with a large discount.

We dropped our bags at the hotel and went to the Lan event to setup and meet alot of tf2 players for the first time.
As with alot of other teams did we as team FakkelBrigade meet up for the very first time.
Besides Arie and me have we never seen eachother in real life before, it was going to be either weird or very sexy.
It couldn’t have turned out any better with everybody having the same flame inside them which always sparks the group on mumble.

Sadly we are still unable to provide lan support to our players we didnt have our main medic, Mirelin, with us.
But we found a great lan replacement in the form of Irish heroe Admirable, as seen on cadred with Fisshu.

Arie: Kan Arie? ja duh! I’ve found atleast one picture of you.
Admirable: Ask where you can drink the bottled beer first before you buy 3 crates aight!
Fisshu: The real example of a proper shitnerd. It were Bjorn Borg boxers m8.
Leon: Your flight documents are not lan trash!
Looper: Your still a dirty pa**! oooooooooh shiiiiiit, nice mouse acceleration, you weird bro.

We started of playing on saturday with alot of matches to get through the group stages.
As far as i know there weren’t any real upsets on saturday besides, nvc’s mix team having a good game versus PwR on badlands, they still lost though.
Sunday was alot more interesting, especially for us; every game we played was decided with just 1 round difference.

[FB] vs Empathy | Badlands | 3-2 | Win| Seriously well played there guys!
[FB] vs PwR
| Obscure | 4-5 | Loss| Epic comeback by PwR, nasty kritz, killer match.
[FB] vs www.
| Granary | 2-3 | Loss | It could’ve been “easier” for you guys without dunc tbh 😀

Our last match ended about 17:00, we came 4th in the end and won a pot of 100 pounds, we can call ourselves professional geeks now, gratz guys!
We still had some time to wait on the final though as it wouldn’t start before 21:00, i don’t think it started before 21;45 actually.
So we prepared ourselves for the Grand Final like real men do; beer and pizza.

The TF2 Final itself was a true spectacle, with both Darn and Vallone making taunting moves at eachother during the game in every form possible.
Guess the 2 beers with 4 sambuca’s each, confirmed by dunc, for the 2 men during the final did it aswell.
Even though Dignitas won the first map, gullywash 3-2, and won the 1st spot, the crowd however wanted alot more.
Props to Mutliplay for making the best decision ever, playing a 2nd map, basically making it a best of 3 final.
Both teams put in a great effort; alot of back and forth action and very sick shots, actions and whipeouts.
PwR managed to get 3 rounds ahead, but with some great effort dignitas made it a close 3-3 end on badlands.
It was THE final we all hoped for and the crowd went absolutely nuts during the whole game.

You should seriously check out the VoD if it’s up, there seriously wasn’t a better final at i39 then that.

It was a great event and it was a serious pleasure to meet all of you, we seriously have a great community.
I hope to see you all soon *cough* i40 *cough*


Mar 11 2010

Exfane in CommTF top ten plays of February

Well done Exfane!

Jan 25 2010

FakkelBrigade in ETF2L 5th cup

FakkelBrigades first fixture in the 5th instalment of the ETF2L cup.
(22:57:26) (+ETF2L2) Fixture 49: Addicted Bastards vs FakkelBrigade
From the looks of it, Addicted Bastards is a newly formed Spanish team, made around the start of December last year, with only a handful of ladder matches to show their history.
First round is this week, and hopefully, by the end of this week, there will be one Spanish team left in the cup

Jan 21 2010

Fakkelbrigade takes over Dignitas!

Now that i have your attention with this enthralling title, we did take over Dignitas, however we did take over for Dignitas, in a onlinecup hosted by Esports Heaven.


There was a lot of confusion going over mumble, on what was supposed to happen. Exfane kept saying he signed us up for the ETF2L 5th, while Arie said it was the One night wonder III cup. Mirelin as usual kept talking to his only friend in this world, his amazing parrot. Fisshu is stoned as always and kept saying “take it easy mate, its the TF2 Razer Cup: The Moray Menace”. Looper was to busy with his forklift training course, making him coming into mumble late. Dr.LeoN couldn’t care less, and was playing a flash based rpg game.


Around 20:00 CET, we did however find out we where playing instead of Dignitas, since they obviously don’t care about a tiny Mickey Mouse cup. Our first opponents was -=Crazy=-, brilliant clan name I might add. While connecting to the server, Dr.LeoN got a classic BSOD. So “Diggybrigade” had to play the badlands with five men. When Dr.LeoN finally came back, the match was already finished, filled up with rage, he 1v1’ed Arie and got his ass handed to him.


Second match was against Rage Quit, another well thought-trough nickname by our comrades from the east. The map this time was cp_well. It was another easy victory for FB, after just 14 minutes, it was already over, with another 5-0 win. You might say they “clan-named”. Well well (pun intended), they didn’t actually rage quit, but did get their ass handed to them pretty rough, taken into account that cp_well has a 1 minute start up time. We did beat them in 9 minutes.


Third map, against the newly-formed team; Broder, or 7 brothers who aren’t brothers for those of you that are gay (Fisshu, seriously, 7BWAB?!?!?). This time the map was gravlepit. With Fakkelbrigades awesome(…) attacking skills on this map, versus Tordens brilliant sense of tactics, it could only go one way, straight north.


Man of the match: Berserkers awesome tactic, by restarting his computer right before the game, and making us wait for approximately 20-30 minutes. We could only play one round of gravlepit, since Looper needs to crash his car at 10 mph, and drive around with a forklift at work. Because of this, we had to reschedule the two last rounds of gravlepit. This was decided by a heavy weight boxing match FFA style. Fakkelbrigade won, since we are a bunch of awesome pub players.


The last instalment of this match will take place on Tuesday the 26th, at 19:00 CET, if I’m not mistaken

Dec 24 2009

Merry Christmas from Fakkel Brigade

Zalig Kerstfeest – Exfane, Arie Major Malfunction and Private Gomer Pyle

Merry Christmas – Looper, Fisshu, Swarlz, Matji, Beetle and Fragga

God Jul – Emptynoflow, Tedman and Dr.LeoN

Priecigus Ziemassvetkus – aNimaL and Mirelin

Feliz Natal – Swifty

Joyeux Noël – Miaouss

Mo’adim Lesimkha. Chena tova – Jonni

Nadolig Llawen – Cook

Idah Saidan Wa Sanah Jadidah – Byte

Wesołych Świąt – Vice

A lot of names are forgotten, this is the list of first team players, honoreary players, and the current FB green. Whoever that is a part of the FB-family wishes you a merry christmas and a happy new year, safe fragging.