As many of you probably already know, we run a Mumble server, 2 actually. A Mumble 1.1.x server and a Mumble 1.2 server.

Our Mumble servers are not public, they require a password to join. The password is top secret, much like nuclear launch codes, but if you ask a friend who’s already on our Mumble nicely, I’m sure he’ll give it to you.

Now if you don’t have friends, or do have friends, but none of them is on our Mumble and you still want to use our Mumble, here’s how:

First, decide if you want to be on our 1.1 or 1.2 Mumble.

Second, send an email to arie _at_ fakkelbrigade _dot_ eu, I’ll need it for step 3. Don’t forget to mention the name of the channel and the version of the Mumble you’d like to use.

Third, after I’ve received your request, I’ll most likely grant your wish and give you a channel. I’ll also send you some info on how to register to our Mumble servers. After registering, you send me your username and I’ll give you full admin rights over your channel.

Lastly, you log in to the Mumble server using the name/password (Mumble 1.1) or certificate (Mumble 1.2) and will find yourself king of your own little castle.