Ah yes, only the best of the best get to be on our roster. Here’s our alphabetical listing of the ones who are currently on it. For some super-secret extra info, click the avatar.


Arie joined after playing a few months for GoT1. Mainly scout, but also known to pack a punch as heavy or spy. He is the back-bone of FB, building the website, running our server and being generally awesome. Arie is our most sober dutchman.


Cook, some say he is the only Black-Welshmen on the planet, some say he eats 10 Bacon-Explosions for breakfast. There have been a lot of rumors of Cook being an infamous BNC member with ties to al-Qaida. all we know is; he is the best medic in TF2 and he sounds awesome on comms.


DrLeon is part of the FakkelBrigade SCANDIPOWER team. He is the part of the soldier team that gets raged-at. He’s the king of dwarfs and sometimes goes zombie-mode. Lives on coffee & snus.


Exfane is Co-Founder of the Fakkelbrigade. A well known and feared soldier in TF2. He’s the rages-at part of the Soldier team and FakkelBrigade in general.

“Don’t zombie it LEON!”

Fisshu with L plates

Fisshu is a div 7 shitnerd who joined the FakkelBrigade only because his old clan folded and we felt sorry for him. Tries to play scout.
We have come to love fish as one of our own and he is usually the one that leaves the enemy wondering what happened.

Kaidus raped us at some shit LAN. If you can’t beat them, join them, or steal them for your own team. Cleans up after himself rather well, which is why we can deal with his ego problems.


Voted player with the worst avatar twice in a row. Voted worst avatar-related ‘funny’ binds. Voted demoman with the worst gamesense. Voted most promising forklift driver of the year in 2009. It’s Looper, YEAH BABY!


A no-life Latvian with the most horrible Russian accent we’ve ever heard. Think Bond villain times 10. Hiring Mirelin is all part of our 3rd world charity plan to help out the former Soviet union.


Vice, a TFC veteran, Polish national teamplayer, soldier, medic and ninja engie. His play is limited because of his 2600 baud modem. He drinks almost as much as Tedman and sounds like a mineworker. He is the pinacle of FB.