FakkelBrigade: Green Roster

Major MalfunctionMajor Malfunction

Regardless of the question, Major Malfunction is the answer. He’s been there, done that and recorded the demos to prove it. Exfane and he met in an upper class mental institute where they drafted their first concepts to take over the World. Caretakers soon realized there’d be no end to the madness anytime soon and discharged our heroes. Against his better knowledge, the Major decided to pursue a career as a Soldier of Fortune which came to an abrupt end when he was sent to prison by a military court for a crime he didn’t commit. He promptly escaped to return to the only place he ever called home. FakkelBrigade.

Call Sign: Malf
Main Class: Demoman

Miaouss the Fur BallMiaouss the Fur Ball

Nobody likes the French. Not even the French themselves. We all like furry things though. So we like Miaouss. However cute he may seem, don’t let his curly whiskers, friendly exterior or funny accent mislead you. The only player without an FB history, we met him during Scout trials where – after careful consideration – we decided we could really do with a French cheater player. He’s a heart breaker and a heart taker, who loves only two things in life: cats and FakkelBrigade.

Call Sign: Miaouss (Me~ous)
Main Class: Scout