Aug 25 2010

FB going to i40

During the first few hours of friday the 27th, Exfane, Major Malfunction and Arie will be getting in a car and drive to England. Meanwhile, a crazy Latvian will board a plane with the word RyanAir on it and head for London. A small boy with an ugly car will be ready to play demoman again after killing loads of BASTARDO ROBOTICOS in offline practice mode.

But most importantly, somewhere in Portsmouth, the prettiest TF2 player of all time will be fighting off his hangover with some fresh kebab, wash his beautiful face and take off the red L-plate from his FB avatar, for he is the Fisshu and he’s ready to ‘just skill it’.

If you’re at i40, come say ‘hi’ to us, we’ll be wearing the nice black FB shirts :)

Also, if you’re using an FB Mumble channel, borrowed a server or borrowed a relay, you owe us a beer, we know who you are!

Mar 17 2010

Gefeliciteerd Arie! (Arie turns old)

Lang zal hij leven,
Lang zal hij leven,
Lang zal hij leven in de gloria,
In de gloria, in de gloria!

Hieperderpiep, hoera!
Hieperderpiep, hoera!
Hieperderpiep, hoera!

Happy 26th birthday Arie the Arrogant Atheist.

We hope he wont expire, seeing as his ripe age, was 3 hours before turning 26. Against What Woman Want/love-train/teddybears, wltrs and predz lost us 500E, rascals,  or we saved dignitas’ season tonight, fuck it, Duncs team. Arie was man of the match, without a doubt. Fisshu as always where topscoring, with his magnificent 13 capture points, but Arie single-handedly won us at least two rounds on granary, and was a sport on obscure. While Fisshu only gave us a demotivational speech when it was close on granary.

The obscure scoreboard is a bit biased, with Arie only having 7 points, but that was 7 medic picks, just keep in mind that Arie is now an old man. (just kidding, Arie crashed plenty of times because of Aequitas)

However, this day should be known as Aries day. Arie is a fantastic person, he is probably the nicest gamer that have ever played a game.  In comparison to Exfane, Arie is day & light, while Exfane is some lame troll living under some bridge in the dark, without eyes (and gamesense) and can only rage.

Lets hope, for the future, that our 26 year old Dutchman, hasn’t gone sour on us, and is still in the ripe age of raping in tf2

Arie anno 2010

Arie anno 2008

Dec 7 2009

FakkelBrigade finishes 4th

Last season I had to photoshop our way to 5th place, luckily this year, I’m pleased to say we’ve actually made it to 4th place on our own.

Two weeks ago we were calculating the points needed to stay in divi1ion 1. This week we calculated the points needed for second place.

Our last match against illegal was an exciting one. They, fighting to keep 2nd place, and us trying to knock them down a spot.

After FB winning the first map, we were unable to beat them on cp_freight, despite the Train’s best effort to help us. Taking 3 points from illegal, this still leaves us at spot #4,


It’s been a great season for us, with a new lineup and new tactics, but still the familiar rage of Exfane spurring us on.

This season of FB in ETF2L officials consisted of:

  • Arie, that’s me, I kill things with an overpowered gun
  • Cook, getting us started this season. Netting us 6 points vs LOL Team
  • DrLeon, being an aggro soldier who reads the minds of his scouts
  • Exfane, being the ultimate ‘Fragga syndrome’ pocket soldier and general rager/tactician
  • Fisshu, my carrier/carried-one and awesomestestest scout buddy
  • Looper, being a replacement for Byte isn’t easy. yet performed better than we’d ever hoped
  • Mirelin, bughunter and perfect fit as new medic


So see you next season, maybe in the to-be-formed premiership division? 😀

Jun 3 2009

An intro to Fakkeltalk with Jonni & Jas; Arie Within!

Welcome to Fakkeltalk with Jonni and Jas. You will see us playing under the names “Jonni The Juciest Jew” and “Psunfragga!”.  We’re here to provide you with your weekly dose of entertainment, straight from the Fakkel Brigade core. You’ll find short interviews, interesting TF2 related discussions, the odd bits of gossip (He said what?!), embarassing recordings and more information on whats going on with the TF2 community. This weeks blog is a short introduction to us, with some added Arie for fun.

Jonni: Hi this is Psunfragga (Jas), we know eachother from her period as caller/medic of the former FB2. A talented medic with solid ideas about tactics and a strong sense of leadership. Currently without a team, Psun mentors clans and mercs at  high level to keep herself busy. She lives and studies in the UK but her roots lie in India. This lady has a very outspoken opinion about anything that crosses her path and she’s not shy about it. I think the differences between us will make for a nice inspiration and let’s not forget, she packs a mean bite. ^^
In short, the perfect partner to write a blog with.

Jas: Jonni the Juciest Jew is in fact a Roman Catholic despite his name leading many people astray. Jonni is the co-founder of Fakkel Brigade, starting out with a joint hanging out his mouth as a no aim scout and still remaining much the same. His hax are under the radar of the ETF2L anti cheat admins because well… he is THE admin. Living in Holland within spitting distance from Exfane, Jonni has a variety of talents ranging from being a dutch speaking Israeli to working for Electronic Arts . Jonni’s soft tones can easily be found over the Fakkel Brigade mumble; Many people have ruined their t-shirts and keyboards over touching themselves while listening to the Juciest member of FB. Arie, Fakkel Brigade’s scheming scout who is now used to this speaks to us:

Jonni: Where did you first start out with TF2?

Arie: I first started with the Orange Box, bought for Portal and noticed TF2. At the time [GOT] had a dutch forum with a post of starting server. I began playing on quite a nice public there. Joined [GOT1] clan in April 2008 as a scout.

Jonni: Thats pretty late.

Jas: Hey i only got TF2 then!

Arie: Ah finally someone noobier than me. I played in the end of season 3 for [GOT1].

Jonni: wait, you only played a bit before us?!

Arie: Uh.. yeah…

Jonni: OH! I thought we got a veteran scout.

Arie: And I played in the dutch national team. They asked me to fill in and I did. That’s how I came to know the horrible pricks of FB when Demourge was still in there. FB ruined the first trials of Team Netherlands with their spamming over voice comms and being mean – Demourge was the worst!

*Arie and Jonni go down memory lane*

Arie: Yeah I was pretty ashamed. Hahahaha. I joined FB 255 days ago, to be exact.

Jas: How do you feel about playing scout for FB?

Arie: Its the best, fun class to play, especially in the scouts department. Fakkel Brigade seems to look like the underdogs in division one, especially our scouts. We hope to prove a lot of people wrong.

Jonni: But you do more than just play for FB, you’re the technical backbone. Share some more.

Arie: Back in the day when FB were small and sad, I would use my server to play our games but there were very little bandwidth for it so we ended up renting it.

Jonni: After no more than 30mins, the tf2 servers + mumble were running, our porn ftp…

Arie: Shhh! shhh!!

Jonni: Ah shit. **Link to super secret porn stash!!!!**

Jas: So Arie tell us something different about yourself.

Arie: Rotterdam is not a shit city – sorry I really needed to get the word out.

Jonni: Exfane and I are convinced its a shit city. Only 15 dutch people!

Arie: *desperate* No no it’s about 50-50!

Jas: Got a deep dark secret about yourself Arie?

Arie: Well… I go to nerd camp… every summer… for 11 days. … *whispers* It’s awesome.

Jas: Whats the worst experience you’ve ever had with a girl?

Arie: Uhhhhh. Nothing.

Jonni: Hahaha. So Arie does nothing naughty with his girlfriend.

Arie: Hey! I didn’t say that.

*Vibrating sounds from Arie*

Jas: What is that?

Jonni: The vibrator.

Arie (on a quick subject change): Unlike Exfane and Jonni, I have a real job so I need to go to bed. Night night!

Thanks a lot to Arie for a rather disturbing insight into his technical genius like mind. Jonni needs to run off to the Jewmobile for some hummus and bread, see you next week! xx

Jun 1 2009

Website launched

It’s here and it’s awesome. Thanks to our very own Arie, and Absolute we have a spanking new website made of pure WIN.