Jul 21 2010

ETF2L AFS: idk? vs TLR

We hosted another great cast tonight with Byte and new recruit ThePledge.

idk? took on TLR on cp_freight and cp_gravelpit. Our very own Exfane played for idk.

Here are the goods:

Shoutcast recording:

both maps + post match interviews + accidental open mic from casters 😉


cp_freight + cp_gravelpit

May 16 2010

Obscure RC5

Our good friend Byte has had some changes done to Obscure.

Here’s the new look for obscure RC5. (Download cp_obscure_rc5)

Spawn, new room top right

CP1 overview

CP2-CP4 right defense

CP2-CP4 left attack

New area on CP2/CP4

CP2-CP4 overview

CP3 Right

CP3 bottom right, new door/corridor

Apr 4 2010

Byte vs Exfane – side by side comparison

FB’s Exfane challenged TCM’s Byte (ex-FB) for a duel, it would turn out to be a soldier duel on cp_turris_b3.

Exfane won, didn’t show any emotion like he’s Finnish or something.

Dec 5 2009

FakkelBrigade looking for strong Finnish for season 6

Season 6 of the ETF2L has been a rollercoaster ride for FakkelBrigade.

Switching from season 5 to season 6: we lost Byte, who really upped our game in season 5, we lost Jonni, who didn’t want to play ‘bench-only’ scout, we swapped one Latvian medic with limited English skills for another and we hired a mentally handicapped forklift driver to play demo for us, as part of our ‘equal opportunities’ project.

Leading up to the start of season 6 we’ve considered a bunch of options:

  • Folding/trying again next season
  • Playing in division 2
  • Playing some crazy lineup, crazy strategies, fun mode. Dual engie baby!
  • Bribing Byte and hiring a ninja French medic to play for us

We did neither of these things and begged Cook to come play for us once more while we tried to find a medic. Cook did an excellent job as always and after his first match back for FB against LOL he joyfully said: “Would have been nice to tell me my first match as medic in months was an official”.

Also we hired a new demo, called Looper. He should have been fired when he chose ‘Mighty Mouse’ as an avatar, but by the time he chose ‘King Julian’ we were too much attached to this crazy forklift driver.

Cook agreed to play with us temporarily while we went out to find a medic. Luckily two very competent trials were found and after some nice matches we strangely decided to go with yet another Latvian, Mirelin.

Just before the end-of-season-6 transfer deadline, our team was complete. This new lineup has tied against Power Gaming and won against idk?.

FB #4

Yes, that's FB @ #4, TF2=DEAD

With 1 more match to go we have a (small) chance to take 2nd place. And it’s all in our own hands.

The final match is this Sunday, against all-Finnish team illegal, who’ve had an impressive season. Losing points only to Dignitas and idk?. They’re the current #2 and if we manage to beat them we’ll be ending up on #2 in season 6. That would be a pretty good result for ‘a div 2 team’ that would ‘fold first’. If we don’t beat them on both maps, we’ll stay in 4th place, not bad either :)

Nov 20 2009

cp_obscure_beta released

Former FB demoman and Muslim traitor The respectable ETF2L admin, Byte, has finally released his long awaited ‘beta’ for cp_obscure. He had a tl;dr post about it in the cp_obscure thread of the ETF2L forums, which I’ve pasted below but with some added screenshots so you know what the man is talking about.

Well it’s been coming! Sorry for the delay but i think it will be worth the wait! It’s been over 4 weeks since the last update and for that i think you the community and the public for your patience, but as the famous phrase goes “good things comes to those who wait” :)

The map has completely transformed visually, i think the majority will be overwhelmed with what they will see in the beta version, and it will take around 1/2hours getting used to the new textures/details etc…

I can’t thank larky (MP Admin) more than enough for putting so much effort and time into this, he’s very good with his work and it shows just with the texturing/optimization and building of a map, the amount of fps i get in this map is much better than what 7 out of the 8 valve maps exist if not all 8.

Now as its still in its BETA stage… this doesn’t mean the map is complete. A breakdown is shown below.

Cap Point 1

Completely transformed, is much lighter brighter and feels more spacious even though the dimension is the same as the alpha version. Everything you see in cp1 is there for a reason. Especially the “WATCH YOUR STEP” sign. I’ll leave that to you to figure out 😉

cp_obscure_beta cap 1

Watch your step

cp_obscure_beta cap 1

CP1 overview

CP1 lobby

CP1 lobby

In terms of how comeplete cp1 is, i’d say all in all its 90% done. A little more detail will put applied i.e. for example the bottom left corner of cp1 needs something etc; However i do NOT want to make it too detailed as this will take the focus off alot of players for aiming and will make it feel too ‘clustered’

In terms of FPS you should get roughly the same fps as you did in the alpha version may of decreased slightly by about 10% less but this is because optimization is only 65% complete, but 95% of you should not be affected i don’t think.

Cap Point 2

Is about ¾’s transformed, cap point 2 is the least worked on out of the 3 cap points mainly because it is the hardest to texture/give a story/and a theme and make it all ‘connect’. So please i know its not as detailed as cp1 and cp3 is this is obvious however it is enough to give the foundations of cp2 with the texturing used and some detail.

CP2 overview

CP2 overview

The balcony has a little extended ledge which is mainly there for (Anderson LOL) nah j/k is there so that if a class wishes to jump from the rock to the balcony they can. Currently the only class that can’t easily is Heavy, it can just make it if you do it perfectly but 9/10 times you can’t, we shall see how this works when the “heavy” update occurs :-).

CP2 ledge

CP2 ledge

In terms of fps this is also the least optimized cap point..however don’t worry, it’s not a sharp decrease it ranges from 10-20% fps decrease.

So i.e. from 130fps on avg you should hit on average 115 or 110fps. So it’s not alot lost, it will be moe optimized in the next update, so don’t worry :-)

Cap Point 3

This cap point has completely transformed more so than cap point 1, like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve tried to give this a story and a theme, and i think its half there if not more. I’ll leave that for you to judge and decide.



I think for sure with the textures on the Juicy health pack in mid-air is gonna be MUCH more tempting just because it feels like its lower even though it’s not, it’s actually the same height as the alpha but feels lower :-). Also the colour contrast of the bridge to the sky is MUCH crisper and more “apparent” in terms of the health pack.

CP3 Fragga Pack

CP3 Fragga Pack

Fragga pack as seen by lame classes

Fragga pack as seen by overpowered scouts

I haven’t got much to say about cp3 (because it’s just too good) except that it’s missing some details but not alot i.e. it’s 90% complete so it won’t be getting much more visuals. Since the beta testing occured one of the problems that rose was the ‘colour distinction’ i.e how do we know which side is blue and which side is red. Well i think this has been fixed. Optimization again is better than cp2 and you should only lose around 10% fps than the alpha version as it’s not completely optimized as mentioned before.

Things to note

As Larky is human and so am i, i’ve tried to test all wall’s roof’s ledges, rocks in terms of clipping, i.e. so you can’t get stuck from a ledge when rj’ing vertically or you can’t stand on a invisible clip on a building and so on… if you do find one please contact me and i will put it on the bugs to fix list! I think 95% of them have been found.

Also another thing to note the left side of cp2 i.e. the biggish building and the ramp room are not detailed / have been worked but still are playable just not all “pretty” as much as the rest as the map, i figured it’s enough to be played at a good level and not affect the game play so you’ll have to excuse me on this.

Any constructive feedback is very welcome please feel free to pm me on irc #mpuktf2.pickup @ quakenet.

I’ll update the 1st post on this thread with the screenshots later when i get a chance. At the moment i’m in the process of sorting a website for this map and a website for myself so it’s all v busy! >_<!

It already was a great map to play, but now it’s also pretty to look at, you can download it from Byte’s secret stash on our server.

I’ll leave you with some random screenshots of the map.

CP1 corridor

CP1 corridor

CP2 blue push left

CP2 blue pushing left

CP2 left side

CP2 left side

CP2 side door

CP2 side door