Jul 28 2010

Flavour of the Night is Green

Finally Won Something

FakkelBrigade: Green managed to not only show up for / play more than one round in a cup, but actually won it as well.

Cake and refreshments will be distributed accordingly. Contact CommanderX for your share of the loot. End of message.

Jun 30 2010

ETF2L Radio, Dignitas vs Broder

Some no-lifers are still playing clanwars in this heat. Naturally, most of them are from the Nordic countries and that’s not just because it’s colder there.

Tonight, Broder faced Dignitas in the ETF2L AFS cup. AFS stands for AAAAAARGH Fuck the Sunshine.


You can download the shoutcast and we’ll update the post when the STV is available.


Both maps + post match interviews


Not yet available

May 20 2010

ETF2L 5th cup: idk? vs TCM

Last night idk? and TCM fought over the ETF2L’s 5th cup title.

cp_granary and cp_gullywash were the maps, and of course you can find the source TV demo’s and shoutcast recording here :)

STV demo:

Shoutcast recording

There’s about a minute of silence at the start of the cp_gullywash, because the casters managed unlink themselves from all the listeners on Mumble.

Mar 22 2010

ESH Sapphire Cup final recordings

Tonight was the final of the ESH Sapphire cup, with a cash prize of 500 euros.

Our good friends of idk were taking on Team Dignitas, which they managed to beat in the previous ESH final, also worth 500 euros.

ETF2L did another livecast of the STV using our trusty shoutcast Mumble which we’ve recorded. You can get the recordings here:

Shoutcast recordings:

Darn POV

STV demo:

Aug 31 2009

Exfane wins the prize!

Turris FinalLast sunday, Exfane was finally sober enough to play the ETF2L cp_turris cup final against pingu.

Using all his skills, focus and GameSense(tm)(r) he needed over 9 minutes to make the final (3-0) capture.

After the match, Exfane told a reporter:

“This match was a lot tougher than the one against Shitnaz, really had to give it my all this time”




The match wasn’t played on FB server #1 (fakkelbrigade.eu:27015) but on the infamous ETF2L admin b0x (

Pingu had this to say about the FB server #1:

pingu “it’s laggin real bad, can’t play here, lots of choke”

The ETF2L admin b0x was much better:

[FB] The Insane Exfane “this ok then?”
pingu “ye alrite”
[FB] The Insane Exfane “you dont have lag?”
pingu “nop”

Exfane was happy with both servers

[FB] The Insane Exfane “you wanna know what etf2l srv this is”
[FB] The Insane Exfane “the fb server #1″
[FB] The Insane Exfane “so youre a lying cunt”
pingu “wtf”
pingu “but before i was lagging”

Exfane’s victory can be viewed in all glory using the STV demo.