Jul 14 2010

Network maintenance 14/7/2010 22:00 – 00:00 CEST

Tonight we’ll have some planned maintenance to our network connection. Expect a few minutes of downtime.

I’m just pretending I properly announced this, and not after the network disruption.

May 26 2010

Planned downtime 27-05-2010

Thursday the 27th will be down briefly while our server takes a long overdue bath.

Somewhere between 12:00 and 15:00 CEST, the server will enjoy some refreshing oils and a massage. This will last approximately 15 minutes, after which it will have to get back to work.


And we’re back.

Note to self: 15 minutes of Clanhost.nl time is 6×15 minutes real time. 😉

Feb 15 2010

Upcoming maintenance

Thanks to a failing hard drive we’ll be forced to do some emergency maintenance real soon. Expect downtime this week.

Also, if you currently have an FTP account with us, those files will not be recovered on the new disk.

Update: Reinstall will be today!

Update 2: Those with FTP accounts are lucky, all files were recovered. I will need to re-make your account. Send me your accountname + desired password. arie@fakkelbrigade.eu

Update 3: Aaaaaaand we’re back. New HDD installed, old HD was temporarily still in the system to recover all files, but that has now been removed.

Oct 29 2009

Little bit of downtime

As you might have noticed we’ve been down for the past 40 hours.

This is due to our hoster (i3D) getting in a fight with their datacenter (WeDare). i3D has now moved all servers to a new datacenter (their own).


28-10-2009 -Rotterdam, October 27th 2009 – i3D has outgrown its current datacenter. The past months the i3D team has been working hard to ensure a smooth transition to our brand new datacenter.

Our new datacenter, SmartDC “Dataport of Rotterdam”, is located at the Van Nelle national monument in Rotterdam. The SmartDC facility is 36,000 sq ft with over 12 megawatt power available. This massive capacity provides i3D the much needed space to expand their European hosting activities. Together with our multimillion datacenter, i3D launches a 53 gigabit redundant network built on proven technology and connected to international carriers in our own datacenter and Amsterdam.
By controlling the datacenter and network aspect of our operations even further, i3D will provide an even higher level of service to existing and future customers.

Expected downtime of services
On the night of Tuesday 27th to Wednesday 28th of October, i3D will be relocating all clients hosting in the Netherlands to our new datacenter “SmartDC” in Rotterdam. The transfer will start at Tuesday 11:30 PM and the last servers should leave their old locations on Wednesday 5 AM. In this timeframe clients will experience a maximum of 4 hours downtime while the servers are being transferred and setup at our new facility.

Support during this maintenance
i3D support staff will be available by phone, live chat and ticket during this night to provide updates on server status and direct technical support to our clients.

On Wednesday technical engineers and support staff will be available until midnight to assist in solving any urgent technical issues.
We ask our clients to use the ticket support for technical issues and our live chat or phone support for any general inquiries.

Affected locations
European i3D datacenter operations in Frankfurt, London and Paris are slightly affected while our primary name server is moved. i3D services in Japan, Australia and the United States are unaffected.

About our new facility
SmartDC is located at the industrial national monument Van Nelle in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This facility is located 0.5 mile from previous Rotterdam location.

SmartDC has over 12 megawatt available on the 23 kV power network. The complete datacenter is setup for high density hosting with 32 AMP 230V AC racks. Two power feeds are available per rack and the datacenter is equipped with both UPS and generator equipment. Each datacenter suite contains 34 racks with both cold and warm corridors enclosed.

About i3D
i3D is an independent global hosting provider with a clear focus on gaming services.
With 12 worldwide locations, i3D provides global coverage for game titles on the PC, Xbox360 and Playstation 3. Our in-house developed software runs platform independent and is used by most major publishers to globally manage and monitor their online game servers. i3D owns and operates 1400 servers and hosts another 1200 servers in our colocation facility in Rotterdam.