Aug 22 2011

ETF2L awards






Dec 2 2010

We’re FB, ask us anything

Over at ETF2L: The well #6 – FB

Jul 21 2010

ETF2L AFS: idk? vs TLR

We hosted another great cast tonight with Byte and new recruit ThePledge.

idk? took on TLR on cp_freight and cp_gravelpit. Our very own Exfane played for idk.

Here are the goods:

Shoutcast recording:

both maps + post match interviews + accidental open mic from casters 😉


cp_freight + cp_gravelpit

Jun 30 2010

ETF2L Radio, Dignitas vs Broder

Some no-lifers are still playing clanwars in this heat. Naturally, most of them are from the Nordic countries and that’s not just because it’s colder there.

Tonight, Broder faced Dignitas in the ETF2L AFS cup. AFS stands for AAAAAARGH Fuck the Sunshine.


You can download the shoutcast and we’ll update the post when the STV is available.


Both maps + post match interviews


Not yet available

May 31 2010

Dignitas vs Broder ETF2L Radio shoutcast

Posting this a bit late, since I was on holiday:

Last thursday, Dignitas and Broder had a rather long fight. It took 3 maps
ETF2L Radio was there to shoutcast it, and we recorded it 😉