Sep 9 2010

Exfane, 23 years of rage

This man is now 23 years old. No more jokes, only serious gameface from this day forward.

Serious Gameface

Happy birthday Exfane!

Aug 25 2010

FB going to i40

During the first few hours of friday the 27th, Exfane, Major Malfunction and Arie will be getting in a car and drive to England. Meanwhile, a crazy Latvian will board a plane with the word RyanAir on it and head for London. A small boy with an ugly car will be ready to play demoman again after killing loads of BASTARDO ROBOTICOS in offline practice mode.

But most importantly, somewhere in Portsmouth, the prettiest TF2 player of all time will be fighting off his hangover with some fresh kebab, wash his beautiful face and take off the red L-plate from his FB avatar, for he is the Fisshu and he’s ready to ‘just skill it’.

If you’re at i40, come say ‘hi’ to us, we’ll be wearing the nice black FB shirts :)

Also, if you’re using an FB Mumble channel, borrowed a server or borrowed a relay, you owe us a beer, we know who you are!

Jul 21 2010

ETF2L AFS: idk? vs TLR

We hosted another great cast tonight with Byte and new recruit ThePledge.

idk? took on TLR on cp_freight and cp_gravelpit. Our very own Exfane played for idk.

Here are the goods:

Shoutcast recording:

both maps + post match interviews + accidental open mic from casters 😉


cp_freight + cp_gravelpit

Jul 11 2010

Exfane crafts World Cup 2010 hat!

New Soldier hat

Tonight the Netherlands meet Spain in the World Cup final, may the best team win and the best soldier wear the weirdest hat!

via The German

Apr 11 2010

Broder vs SpecialAttack shoutcast

Another shoutcast by ETF2L radio tonight, this time a div 2 match, broder vs SpecialAttack.

Casters Dave, Swarley and Exfane saw a rickroll on cp_freight and some interesting play on cp_gorge


Shoutcast recordings: