Dec 28 2009

FB owns a pub!

Some FB heroes owned a pub and supplied screenshots to prove it.

What a great victory for the mighty FakkelBrigade! You make me proud!

Jun 10 2009

Gossiping with Friendly Extremist Trolls

This weeks instalment is a lengthy double whammy of FB family veterans now known as 4k^Torden and Extrememr.idk? We have a few words from Torden regarding the present state of 4K’s who have just played a tight game vs. TCM for enemy down, scoring 3-2 granary and 10-11 on turbine with the final cap being in the last minute. There is much gossip from the elusively silent Extremer, so read ahead for a better insight into some of the quieter popular players of our TF2 community.

Torden The Friendly Troll

Jas: Hey Torden, thanks for coming to chat with Jonni and I. I have a headache so just bear with me.

Torden: Just drink some water.

Jas: Aww you’re like my real life medic now.

Jonni: Can I call you Mother Goose?

Torden: Please don’t.

Jonni: Moving into things, let’s start with the basics. How did you get into tf2?

Torden: I bought orange box for Half Life and TF2 was in there. It was just an extra to me; I didn’t really have an interest in it. I haven’t played fps before but I liked Half Life.

Jonni: Yeah it’s nice, headcrabs and all!

Torden: I didn’t like the headcrabs.

Jas: Same, they scared me. How did you get into 6v6?

Torden: I was part of a public group; we had 1 clan match a month that took extensive planning. I played a lot of public with FB and eventually asked to merc some games for you. You liked what I was doing so The Worst Player known to man actually rang me from the Netherlands to talk about it.

Jonni: He did? I didn’t know that! Really?

Torden: Yeah he offered me a weed box if I joined. I said no to the weed box but I joined you nonetheless so I got into 6v6 about a year ago.

Jas: So how did you get from playing for FB to being my favourite medic to watch?

Torden: Playing with FB was a really good and fun learning experience for me. However, after a while, I picked up on all the raging going on during that period. I gave an ultimatum: Stop raging or I’m out of FB. As no change was made, I decided to leave them. In the meantime, I had made friends with the people of the Norwegian TF2 community. Their style suited me better, and I joined formation of the Div2 Team (season 3) Resistansen shortly after.

Jas: You’re a delicate soul huh?

Torden: Haha I play TF2 out of the sole purpose for having fun. I know you guys have moved on and the raging has become contained.

Jonni: Yeah since we have the second loudest in the team now, it’s become a bit more neutral.

Torden: Yeah I can see. Since Resistansen, I joined wotr which is now 4K.

Jas: What do you think of the progress of wotr to 4K?

Torden: I joined between seasons. We expected to get relegated or have a hard time as the team were going into div 1. We made key changes to the line up and tried really really hard with etf2l. We had a key breakthrough beating crack clan on turbine which made us think ‘maybe we can actually do some stuff’. Right now I’ve been inactive and people have been a bit demotivated as a consequence of that. We’re at the same spot as we were 5 months ago – underdogs. We’ll see if we can climb up once again.

Jonni: In the lower half of the tables then with FB haha.

Torden: Who knows we might stay down there, it’s all about having fun playing against each other.

Jas: So outside of TF2, what do you do?

Jonni: What kinda awesome jobs do you do? Finishing your work?

Torden: I am uh finishing my bachelors and doing my masters in what can easily be described as art direction.

Jas: You can director my art any day baby, aww yeaah.

Jonni: Outside your job and love for your TF2, do you have a girlfriend?

Torden: uh my last girlfriend, I got a choice of TF2 or her. I guess I chose TF2!

Jas: Good choice, you got to meet me and Jonni.

Torden: I am single, but I’m sorta flirting with a girl, I tend to keep it with one person only.


Jas: A lonely hearts advert for Torden on FB! Lucky girl for you. Tell us an embarrassing story about you.

Torden: You gotta go first though.

Jonni: I can give you access to the porn stash. Psun’s the biggest user.

Torden: Fair enough. At age 13 I had long hair. Going on vacation to Turkey I had more offers from guys than my sisters. In fact, I was the hottest chick in town. You watch out Psunfragga.

Jonni: I’ve heard stories about Tordens voluptuous breasts before.

Jas: I would lick butter cream off Torden’s breasts.

Torden: Depends what kind

Jonni: The butterscotch, so it can stick to your che-sorry I mean breast hair.

Torden: I do have a few bits of hair in my cleavage…I was having a look at your site, is it true cooks house burned down?

Jonni: No, but he did get attacked by black men in thongs though.

Thank you for that nice chat. Torden nicely sticks around to hang around to join in with a chat to Extremer.

Extremer The Extremist

Jas: Rapist.

Jonni: Russian.

Extremer: hiiiiiiiiii!

Jas: Hey, haha this is weird. Extremer and I go way back to public TF2.

Extremer (embarrassed): yeah…. back when I was a noob….

Torden: What, last week? maehehehe.

Jonni: Hahahaha. Easy question to start off with, how did you get TF2?

Extremer: I got Orange Box for xmas, I used to be play TFC back in the day… I got interested in gaming played quake, TFC, CS:s (which I’m ashamed of) and some DoD:S.

Torden: You actually have xmas in Russia?!

Extremer: Hahaha, I’m not actually Russian!

Jonni: So you got TF2, became a pub hero, got to FB?

Extremer: I played pickups. Demourge noticed me, he asked me to merc a few times.

Jonni: And back when you joined us, you had no mic.

Extremer: I just had a few bindings, even when I got a mic I didn’t talk.

Jonni: He only used to talk when he got 3+ kills, or killed a medic. Now I’ve heard rumours of you being the loudest. Quite the fierce rager huh?

Extremer: Naaahhh. I just whine. Oggy’s the rager!

Jas: To be fair with a nice voice like Oggy, I would rage all the time.

Extremer: His rage is kinda funny, you can’t take it seriously.

Jas: What is your clan history? I remember it always changing in my friends list.

Extremer: It was Gaming Legends, FB2, TB and now idk?

Jas: Fakkel Brigade 2?

Extremer: Yeah we were better than FB1 back then!

Jonni: Extremer used have a lot of sex with Cook back then.

Jas: That’s kinda disturbing.

Extermer: Nah cos he’s black, it’s okay.

Jas: Who’s been your favourite clan to play with?

Extremer: FB2 was fucking awesome, with Redman’s sexy voice.

Torden: All people from Ireland sound really similar like Daf, Predz and Redman.

Jonni: Medic (the player) sounds like Officer Wiggum from the Simpsons…

Jas: Tell us about your life outside of TF2.

Extremer: I go to school, go out with friends…

Jonni: Don’t make me remind you of 20 April, I’ve never seen anyone as stoned as you.

Jas: I always thought Extremer was a good boy, went to school…

Jonni: FB fucked him up.

Extremer: No you didn’t.

Jonni: Yes we did.

Extremer (defeated): Okay you did.

Jas: I remember you from meleeing ubers on pubs, how did you go from that to one of the most talented demomen that I’ve seen?

Jonni: I second that.

Extremer: I don’t actually know… I kinda have two lives for pub and for in game, though I do fuck around in both.

Jas: Got any tips for aspiring demomen?

Jonni: Don’t speak too much?

Extremer: … I don’t know really… I just kill stuff…

Jonni: He doesn’t speak much.

Extremer: Tbh killing stuff is a good tip!

Jonni: I wanna know about Extremer and his girly life.

Extremer: I used to have a gf a few months ago, but not anymore. It just wasn’t working out.

Torden: How old are you?

Extremer: 18

Torden: maehaehae. I’m 25

(More talk about how love changes as you get older)

Extremer: Jonni is a chick magnet in TF2

Jonni: In real life I can understand but TF2? How?!

Extremer: He used talk to Nymthae a lot…

Jas: Got any gossip on idk?

Extremer: Shintaz sucks cocks. No lies, it’s true. Night + F2 have a secret love life of sollys.

Torden: Who is your fave person out of idk?

Extremer: Obviously not Shintaz, I don’t know, I won’t say…

Torden: So you do have one! Is it F2?

Jonni: It’s Oggy!

Extremer: Maybeeeee

Torden: Piece?

Extremer: Naw they’re all kinda old and over 30…

Jonni: I’ve just heard your biggest fanboy has joined your idk second team – how do you think he’ll do?

Extremer: I dunno, I’ve never seen him play demoman.

Jas: What is it like having a second team? Do you talk to them a lot, or do you just support them but let them do their own thing?

Extremer: At the moment we don’t talk much to them but I’m sure it’ll change in time as we do training against each other.

Jas: Got anything left to round up the interview?

Extremer: Jonni smells like ass.

As a treat to all his adoring fans, Extremer has drawn a picture of his face as he’s unwilling to provide naked pictures of himself:

Extremer, by Extremer aged 18

Extremer, by Extremer aged 18

Thanks for reading folks, we’ll be back next week with more gossip and insights into the people of our community! xx

Jun 1 2009

Win against IDK?

We beat IDK? in a nice and friendly PCW. Also, Extremer is a drunken Russian.

win vs IDKwin vs IDK?