Apr 25 2010

FB vs idk? ETF2L radio shoutcast

We lost, but it was a great match :) idk? wins season 7, good job!

Shoutcast recording

STV demos

Apr 15 2010

Dignitas vs TCM shoutcast and demos

Busy night for our poor server.

Dignitas played TCM on granary and gorge, in a match that was crucial in deciding who’s going to win season 7 of the ETF2L.

FakkelBrigade provided the gameserver, relays and shoutcast Mumble, and boy, did our server get slapped around.
950 spectators and close to 400 people listening in on the shoutcast Mumble really strained our resources.

Need more CPU cores

Also, Valve decided to release a TF2 update during the match, so when the map switched, the server got updated and everyone had to restart their TF2 to get the updated client. Brilliant timing 😀

Anyway, here are the goods:


Shoutcast recordings


You’ll need 7zip to extract the STV demos.

Jun 1 2009

FakkelBrigade – Colucci Era

The Rap-group that formed the inspiriation for the FakkelBrigade TF2 team has finally released their new (dutch) album. for those that can’t resist and want to hear the juicy goodness: Niet Normaal!

Fakkels voor apen! Bananen voor Brigadiers!