Aug 25 2010

FB going to i40

During the first few hours of friday the 27th, Exfane, Major Malfunction and Arie will be getting in a car and drive to England. Meanwhile, a crazy Latvian will board a plane with the word RyanAir on it and head for London. A small boy with an ugly car will be ready to play demoman again after killing loads of BASTARDO ROBOTICOS in offline practice mode.

But most importantly, somewhere in Portsmouth, the prettiest TF2 player of all time will be fighting off his hangover with some fresh kebab, wash his beautiful face and take off the red L-plate from his FB avatar, for he is the Fisshu and he’s ready to ‘just skill it’.

If you’re at i40, come say ‘hi’ to us, we’ll be wearing the nice black FB shirts :)

Also, if you’re using an FB Mumble channel, borrowed a server or borrowed a relay, you owe us a beer, we know who you are!

Apr 3 2010

Fisshu and Exfane interviewed on Cadred

Fisshu (left), JimmyBreeze (right)

Read all about it on Cadred.

Dec 7 2009

FakkelBrigade finishes 4th

Last season I had to photoshop our way to 5th place, luckily this year, I’m pleased to say we’ve actually made it to 4th place on our own.

Two weeks ago we were calculating the points needed to stay in divi1ion 1. This week we calculated the points needed for second place.

Our last match against illegal was an exciting one. They, fighting to keep 2nd place, and us trying to knock them down a spot.

After FB winning the first map, we were unable to beat them on cp_freight, despite the Train’s best effort to help us. Taking 3 points from illegal, this still leaves us at spot #4,


It’s been a great season for us, with a new lineup and new tactics, but still the familiar rage of Exfane spurring us on.

This season of FB in ETF2L officials consisted of:

  • Arie, that’s me, I kill things with an overpowered gun
  • Cook, getting us started this season. Netting us 6 points vs LOL Team
  • DrLeon, being an aggro soldier who reads the minds of his scouts
  • Exfane, being the ultimate ‘Fragga syndrome’ pocket soldier and general rager/tactician
  • Fisshu, my carrier/carried-one and awesomestestest scout buddy
  • Looper, being a replacement for Byte isn’t easy. yet performed better than we’d ever hoped
  • Mirelin, bughunter and perfect fit as new medic


So see you next season, maybe in the to-be-formed premiership division? 😀

Oct 22 2009

Shitnerd is now 22 years old

Today our former high+ spy (on ctf_turbine) celebrates his 22nd birthday. You might remember Fisshu as a scout, which he played for FakkelBrigade before he became dunc‘s bitch in Team England.

Cheers, and take it easy mate!

Oct 20 2009

Fisshu discovers Windows Movie Maker



With clips like this you’d think we’ve beaten Dignitas at least once in our lives.