Apr 8 2010

FB and Fisshu voted sexiest in TF2

About Fisshu: “- looks intelligent, perfect lips that no one can deny | – stoned harry potter?”
Read it over at Vanilla TF2

Apr 6 2010

FB’s i39 photos

Apr 5 2010

i39 TF2 group photo


Apr 4 2010

Byte vs Exfane – side by side comparison

FB’s Exfane challenged TCM’s Byte (ex-FB) for a duel, it would turn out to be a soldier duel on cp_turris_b3.

Exfane won, didn’t show any emotion like he’s Finnish or something.

Apr 3 2010

Fisshu and Exfane interviewed on Cadred

Fisshu (left), JimmyBreeze (right)

Read all about it on Cadred.