Oct 15 2009

Fat American loves Leon country

Jul 24 2009

Everything you need to know about LeoN-country

Everything you need to know about LeoN’s country, Norway. Apparently, it involves a lot of fish, potatoes, oil and one night stands!

Jun 25 2009

LAN Luvvin’ with Haunter & Predz

Hello and welcome back to our 4th blog episode! This is very exciting so we thought we’d get you this very flamboyantly gay couple who’ve been playing high up in the TF2 food-chain since it all started. We talk about the usual stuff, the upcoming ‘Community Lan’ and Dr.Leon comes in to talk about penises!

Jas: Hey welcome to Fakkeltalk guys, I don’t know if you guys have really met each other before.

Haunter: Me and Predz slept together at LAN

Predz: Yeah. I thought you weren’t gonna tell anyone

Jonni: Who was the woman in this? Who took it up the ass?

Predz: Numlocked.

Haunter: His skin is smooth.

Predz: He looks like he’s constantly wearing a helmet.

Jas: He’s jailbait, don’t be so mean!

Jonni: Have you had experience of high level before TF2 or did you start here?

Predz: I played TFC for many years…too long… played on an Irish team and shit like that.

Jonni: Okay so you arrived at tf2, Holy Grail of gaming. Then what?

Predz: I started at DA and then moved onto WOTR, here I am in 4k

Jonni: How is it being in 4k? The name was quite highly rated before, how are they treating you now?

Predz: I dunno, they’re not treating us in any particular way. Free stuff woo!

Jas: And what about you Haunter?

Haunter: I started in 2000 playing Quake TF starting in Portuguese clans, then moved to ETF which was a different engine. I played in one of the best euro clans until I played TF2. I played since the start, transferred to the euro scene and joined animate, then joined DCSB for a month but they were too inactive, then joined vale (which was druidz, then vale, now known as Yoyotech).

Jonni: How is it playing with Yoyotech, with the Belgians?

Haunter: It’s quite cool, especially with a team full of players from the same country. They all speak English in Yoyotech; no one switches to their own language at all.

Jonni: Cool, found them a bit boring

Jas: I really like them, they’re all awesome. Predz what’s it like playing scout, why pick that class?

Predz: Its infuriating sometimes, every other class was shit slow. I don’t have the patience to spend half a map walking around trying to find everybody.

Jonni: I find Predz one of the most annoying scouts to play against

Predz: I had that said to me a few times, but I dunno, I find the FaN annoying to play against.

Jas: and Haunter, how about you? You were medic for TCM at one point.

Haunter: At the begining I started as soldier as it was my class from previous games. In animate we had no medic so I played medic for them and people kept bugging me to play medic like my short time in TCM. But I really didn’t enjoy it, hence my short period as medic. There’s much more to do as soldier.

Predz: Like spending 30 minutes jumping to people.

Haunter: Instead of running around chasing people? haha.

Jas: If you could change one thing to your class, what would it be?

Predz: Invulnerability and concussion grenades!

Haunter: Probably bunny hopping

Jonni: What do you think about a future soldier update coming soon?

Haunter: I think they will do something silly like they did to heavy like sandwich. Something that won’t affect the competitive gaming. Grenades or something?

Jonni: Now moving swiftly onto the juicy stuff. being a top player, how do you juggle TF2 and real life? Do you have a woman?

Predz: No the internet provides all the stuff that I need, we don’t play on Fridays or Saturdays so I just go out those days.

Jonni: Yeah the internet provides you with all the sex you need.

Jas: Like your two friends who came to ukesa?

Predz: I have more than 2 friends you know! they sat behind my chair at lan, held my hand as I crossed the road.

Jonni: and Haunter? Any private life?

Haunter: Usually most of my friends aren’t gamers, we hardly talk about games.

Predz: Are you going to the community lan Jonni?

Jonni: Yeah we’re going with our team and a merc – Jones.

Predz: I’ll go if you pay for me Jonni, I hear you’re rich.

Jonni: You mean you heard I’m Jewish?

Predz: Yeah haha. Who wasn’t that friendly at lan for you?

Haunter: Darn because when we first met Dignitas in the morning they were leaving and stopped to say hi but darn didn’t, it wasn’t very polite. Other than that, everyone seemed nice.

Predz: Even appz?

Haunter: Yeah I was surprised; he was very friendly to us.

Jas: What about you Predz, who did you think was kinda mean?

Predz: I’m not giving that out haha.

Jas: Probably too many to count for you eh? Hehehe.

Jonni: Let’s talk about something weird, I’m sure you’ve had weird experiences.

Jas: Come on Predz, something different about yourself?

Predz: Jh and I hugged at lan. There you go, that’s an embarrassing story.

Jonni: And Haunter?

Haunter: I fall asleep before I cum, I do it most of the time.

Jonni: Well that’s a good warning to put out to all the ladies out there: bring smelling salts to bed with Haunter.

Predz: I’m starving

Haunter: Me too, haven’t had dinner yet.

Predz: Same

Jas: I knew you’re both a married couple. If you could have one wish, what would it be?

Predz: mm.

Haunter: Hmm. I would wish for Jas in my bed right now.

Jas: You’d fall asleep before you cum, forget it.

Haunter: Who said I’d have sex?

Jas: I see.

Jonni: I forsee a body painting session!

Predz: I was hoping I could wish more wishes…

Jas: You can’t

Predz: Dunno probably for a shit load of money…

Jas: Such an Irish thing.

Predz: No it’s more Jewish.

Jonni: Actually no we have money already.

Predz: Sigh I wish I was Jewish… without penis mutilation.

Jonni: My penis is huge and since the subject is on penisses I would like to invite someone in who is a true expert on the subject.

*Dr Leon enters the channel and the talk continues about penises*

Jonni: Leon can do ballet with no hands and no feet!

Dr Leon: CU @ LAN bitches, I’ll perform right there!

Haunter: Do you really think the lan will happen?

Jonni: I hope so… our team has already payed for TCL

Haunter: I dunno, half the big teams aren’t going

Predz: Really bad to cancel the lan this late.

Jonni: Yeah plane tickets can’t be cancelled, will be a big shame.

Dr Leon: Back to penises, I was promised!

Predz: Psunfragga’s dodging her answers! Her fault.

Jas: Hey I’m a medic, I’m pro at dodging.

*more talk between the guys of penises *

Well that concludes this week’s testosterone filled Fakkel Talk, with much thanks to Yoyotech Haunter and 4K^ Predz for contributing. Predz made us promise to post a picture of him and since haunter wants to keep his identity safe he showed us a picture from his latest threat-video: to the left Haunter and on the right Predz.
Haunter, Terrorist! Predz, Pornstar!

Jun 3 2009

A Humble Tribute to Cook

I love cook

Jun 1 2009

Leon loves Paver