Jan 5 2011

Our medic is not so awesome

This Magic Mirelin Moment balances out this previous post about his awesomeness

Nov 26 2010

Our medic is awesome

And he proves it with another video 😉

Take note that for every ‘awesome Mirelin’ moment there’s an equally large ‘retarded Mirelin’ moment.

Nov 22 2009

Meet our new medic

His name is Mirelin and he’s Russian, fake Russian Latvian.
Wait….. another Latvian?

FUCK       THAT          SHIT

We’re not UNICEF, why do we keep supporting 3rd world countries?

Nov 6 2009

Meet our new medic

You may have spotted our recruitment thread on ETF2L. After some trials we’ve found our new medic, unfortunately, she’s even younger than Looper.

Oct 11 2009

Meet the new medic

Same as the old medic, Cook the awesome black Welshman.

He had to following to say about playing for FB again:

“It would have been nice if you’d told me my first match as medic in 2 months would be an ETF2L official”

Glad to have you back!

Our previous medic, AnimaL is now playing for FB2, who really don’t deserve someone of his caliber.