Oct 20 2010

FakkelBrigade open mic shoutcast Mumble

Do you agree with the people on the ETF2L forums that there aren’t enough casts for our beloved TF2?

Time for a little experiment.

We’ve set up an easy to use Mumble shoutcast server.  Basically you connect your 1.2 Mumble client to fakkelbrigade.eu, port 64760. Right click the root (FB) channel and add a temporary channel.  Anyone joining your temporary channel is muted and can only listen, but you can unmute co-casters and yourself.

Sep 17 2010

Mumble upgrade

Yesterday I upgraded the Shoutcast Mumble and main 1.2 Mumble to the new 1.2.3 version. It’s a prerelease version, so it might not work perfectly.

The main feature this new version has is built-in recording. If you don’t need the recording stuff, you can just stay on the 1.2 stable version, there’s no reason to upgrade. If you want to record your or your team’s ramblings, get the 1.2.3 developer snapshot from the Mumble website.

Mar 25 2010

Listening to a shoutcast with your friends

There have just been a few of these ETF2L radio shoutcasts, but they’re getting quite popular. Now we thought it would be nice if you could talk about the match with your clanmates while watching the STV and listening to the shoutcast.

So we’ve changed the permissions on the shoutcast Mumble a bit. You can now create your own temporary channel where you can talk privately with your friends. When you link the temporary channel to the shoutcast, you will be able to hear Byte rambling on about ‘lack of experience’, but Byte won’t be able to hear you laugh about it with your clanmates.

Here are some screenshots that show you how to do this:

Jan 24 2010

Assembly shoutcast recordings + STV demo’s

Surprisingly, Dignitas won the Assembly Winter LAN. Who would have guessed?

For some reason Exfane joined a shoutcast hosted on our Mumble to provide his *cough* EXPERT *cough* commentary, helped by his superiour gamesense.

Being a masochist, I decided to record the shoutcast so you can get the full enjoyment of watching two great matches (semi-final and final), while simultaneously listening to Mr. Rage interrupting the excellent Arx.

Bronze final STV + shoutcast recording:

TCM getting robbed (crashing tournament PC’s for TCM) of third place by Power Gaming

Final STV + shoutcast recording:

Illegal using taunts while fighting for mid against Dignitas

Dec 11 2009

Mumble 1.2 released

Mumble 1.2 was released today, so we’ve updated our beta server to the stable release.

I’ve also reset the 1.2 database for a clean start. From now on we’ll be hosting both Mumble 1.1.x, for anyone wishing to stay on the old stuff, and the new Mumble 1.2 for the latest and greatest.

Mumble 1.2 server details:
IP/host: fakkelbrigade.eu
port: 64738
pass: same as the old mumble

For now, everyone is able to create temporary channels (which disappear after the last player leaves the channel). If you want a permanent channel on our 1.2 server, contact us in #fakkelbrigade on Quakenet or place a comment on this newspost. Please make sure you’ve registered yourself on our Mumble and provide us with your username (so we can make you owner of the channel).