Aug 30 2010

Corruption scandal @ i40. Epsilon got robbed!

Damning evidence uncovered by our secret i40 spy. He/she managed to snap these pictures of TF2 admin Mole accepting a bribe from Dignitas dunc. Dignitas went on to win the TF2 tournament.

It all happened right under our noses, on the main stages, mere minutes away from the start of the first map.

Dunc paying Mole

dunc paying Mole

Take a look at Moles greedy eyes! MONEY MONEY MONEYZZZ. After the payment, Mole summoned a few of his minions to make last minute ‘adjustments’ to dunc’s PC.



Here’s a picture of Mole after being confronted with the evidence.

Mole found out

Mole not happy with the truth coming out