Apr 22 2010

Mister vs Rockit shoutcast recordings

Some div7 shitnerds played a match while we were playing TCM.

In case you care, here are the files:


Shoutcast recording

j/k you promotion fighters :)

Apr 13 2010

FB vs www shoutcast

Finally one of our own matches on ETF2L radio.

The FakkelBrigade took on www on obscure and gravelpit.


Shoutcast recordings:

Apr 11 2010

Broder vs SpecialAttack shoutcast

Another shoutcast by ETF2L radio tonight, this time a div 2 match, broder vs SpecialAttack.

Casters Dave, Swarley and Exfane saw a rickroll on cp_freight and some interesting play on cp_gorge


Shoutcast recordings:

Mar 25 2010

Listening to a shoutcast with your friends

There have just been a few of these ETF2L radio shoutcasts, but they’re getting quite popular. Now we thought it would be nice if you could talk about the match with your clanmates while watching the STV and listening to the shoutcast.

So we’ve changed the permissions on the shoutcast Mumble a bit. You can now create your own temporary channel where you can talk privately with your friends. When you link the temporary channel to the shoutcast, you will be able to hear Byte rambling on about ‘lack of experience’, but Byte won’t be able to hear you laugh about it with your clanmates.

Here are some screenshots that show you how to do this:

Mar 25 2010

cc vs notag shoutcast recordings

Tonight there was a well announced (finally, for a change) Mumble shoutcast and STV relay.

Division 2 clans cc and notag duked it out on cp_freight and cp_gorge under the watchful eye of the ETF2L radio team.

Around 300 people tuned in to the STV, of which 190 were also listening to the Mumble cast.

Shoutcast recordings:

STV demo’s

Tomorrow we’ll have a little announcement about some changes to the shoutcast Mumble, which will allow you and your team to discuss the ongoing match (privately) while listening to the casts. An excellent way to learn tactics and get new ideas, but most amazing of all, an idea by Exfane.