May 11 2010

Pros vs Pubs Part III

Let’s be honest, nobody likes Shintaz. Cocky, arrogant and over-confident are some of the words we associate with this guy.
He does however have one good idea every three months. It’s been the same idea the past year, but still, it’s pretty good.

It’s the 3rd incarnation of the Pros vs the Pubs!

The last two times we were lucky enough to host this little event, and yet again we’ll be helping out to make this great event happen.

The first time, the pros won. The second time, the pubbers had their little revenge.

Consider this the 3rd match in a best of three. The pros stand to lose their dignity, while the pubbers are able to win eternal respect from the pubheroes playing on their stupid little 24/7 ctf_2fort servers.

A couple of things are still uncertain:

  • The maps
  • The pub team

Some other things have been arranged:

  • The date/time (6th of june, 03:00 Sydney Time, 13:00 New York Time, 17:00 GMT, 18:00 London/BST, 19:00 Paris/CEST)
  • Pro team
  • Gameserver
  • Shoutcast (at least ETF2L Radio on the FakkelBrigade Shoutcast Mumble)
  • STV relays (at least 4 FakkelBrigade relays, hopefully more by others)

So if you’re a div7 shitnerd, or a 24/7 dustbowl-only hero, you can still sign up on the SPUF thread. All the details will be announced in the same thread.