Jan 6 2010

In memoriam: tf2street

Short lived, but sweet while it lasted, the tf2street blog.

I’ve scraped google’s cache and my browser’s cache to recover what I could from this brilliant blog.

You can view tf2street’s rotting corps here.

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Oct 22 2009

Jonni the Jew is not the devil

TF2Street has a rather nasty writeup about the recent departure of Jonni. From reading that you might conclude Jonni is an evil bastard, but he really does not deserve that.

Some important additions to their article:

Other scattered details exist, such as the fact that after being benched from Team Netherlands, Jonni threatened to delete or fuck with the FB servers and Mumble since it was in his name.

Not exactly. Jonni paid 1/3 of the costs for our ‘old’ dedicated box. He only said he wouldn’t keep paying for the server if he wasn’t part of the team, and that he’d cancel the contract if we hadn’t sorted out his situation (playtime) within x days. We completely understand Jonni’s position on this, and with new servers being cheaper and better, we’ve decided to rent a new machine to replace the one in Jonni’s name.

Jonni went into one of the FB servers and told Swifty “If you want to play on my servers, you have to get on your knees and apologize to me.”

That’s what you get when you’re in a fight with someone and you still try to use their stuff. Swifty and his team were playing on the machine paid for by Jonni at the time.

Immediately after, he enters #FakkelBrigade on Quakenet, and changes the topic title to something along the lines of “FakkelBrigade -> Breaking friendships is all we do!”In his last moment of pathetic preteen rage, Jonni sits in a private Mumble channel, links it to every Mumble channel in which a Fakkelian member is present, and rage-eavesdrops on the entire clan.

FB was co-founded by Jonni, he was a very active player in 3 seasons, of course he’s going to be mad.

These are all rather recent events with a lot of drama involved, I hope that in a couple of weeks things have cooled down a bit and we can welcome Jonni back into his own FB family.




Exfane had the following to incoherent, poorly written rant to add:

This story is obviously biassed , but it is what i (Exfane) consider to be the truth:

Jonni has brought a lot of good stuff to the clan and has always been thinking along about how we (fb) should be progressing.  This clan prlly wouldn’t have been alive still if it wasn’t for jonni, arie and me. We rlly owe jonni a lot.

I’ve always seen FB as a 3-man lead, not 1 man tryin to lead it all. Apparently recently jonni felt the strength to kick swifty/fb2 on his own. After swifty put on this silly name and joined a public srv with psunfragga and jonni in it. Now why make such a big fuckin deal out of this?! Did swifty cockblock you jonni? Or was he just a bad friend?! Either way, jonni had no right to kick em without consulting me or arie.
So I just come home one day and see we don’t have a 2nd team, heard the stories of both sides, the only thing that came to my mind: WTF!?$^!&@%@! Why, How, Whatfor?!
Jonni told me he’d heard a lot of bad things for a long time about swifty and sgn especially. Though apparently it never was bad enough for him to inform either me or arie.
Now if he would’ve just come to either me or arie, let us know what was goin on, let us know what he wanted to do (kick em). But no he acted on his own, and before any of us could change something about this, most of the members from fb2 left……………..gg

Now,  the biggest lie of all: jonni is THE big leader of FB.
If there was any, it would’ve been me, as I got this clan from the other founding fathers.
Now I’ve never seen myself as THE big leader, in my point of view it quickly became: arie, jonni and me, as clanleaders (multiple YES).

Now somewhere along the line people started telling me that jonni says he is the mighty almighty.
I honestly don’t know where this comes from, probably because the srv’s were ordered on his name (arie, jonni and me equally payed). First his dad payed for the srv, because jonni and me were doin work for him.
At some point we decided to quit workin, but we still wanted the srv, so jonni easily fixed it to his name. For him this was the cue to promote himself as THE big leader of fakkelbrigade, cause he “owned” the srv. WOW, to openly call yourself THE clanleader while your not……..weird………….even for a jew.

Still all of this doesn’t concern jonni’s recent departure from our clan. About 2 seasons ago we decided to take on fisshu, this would mean we’d have 3 scouts, so we had to equally devide the playingtime, jonni and arie (our only scouts at that point) agreed, as they both didn’t mind taking a night off.
About a month after fisshu joined, everybody noticed how fisshu and arie were a way better scout couple then arie/jonni or fisshu/jonni. Prlly because jonni just cba to train for this silly game. So we told him he should pickup the pace and start working on his skillz (pickups, dm maps, watching demo’s, you know the drill)
We all expected jonni would take this cue serious and start workin 150% on his skillz, while in fact it somehow demoralized him as he just didn’t show up for any training anymore. After fisshu and arie played together for a while we all saw how valuable a standard scout team is, instead of having 3 scouts switching around. So with jonni out of the (scout) loop we all agreed on having 2 scouts only.

3 weeks ago jonni came to me and said: “I demand a scout slot for 2/3 of all matches played or I’m gone and I will not pay my share for the srv anymore”. Well obviously that’s fair, I mean I don’t wanna pay for a clan or whatever (soccer practice) if I can never play. But to demand 2/3 of all playing time while you’ve been inactive for 1.5 season, we have no available slot and are playing in div1, just was impossible. At that point we were still very unsure of the lineup we were about to use in the next etf2l season, so to have another set back by using 3 scouts would’ve  smacked us back to the stone age.
So we tried training jonni for one of the classes we needed, medic and demo at that point. He didn’t have a lot of experience in either class, but we were all willing to train him if he’d just show up on time like he promised. Guess what……………he was able to show up at least 30 mins late every night we played, thx a lot.
We all noticed (jonni included) this just wouldn’t work out, so we asked some good but somewhat inactive players to join the action (again), cook and looper answered this call from the motherland and filled the slots we had left.

In my opinion we’ve done everything we could possibly do with a player that had been inactive for a very long time and didn’t want to train his ass off to be at the same lvl of the team.
As a final resort to keep jonni with fb we offered him to make another fb team or to be an active backup player. Neither of those options were good enough for our jew.

The end was near and jonni decided that I personally had set this up to betray him, while there rlly wasn’t anything else we could’ve done, besides kicking players who had been active and with us for a long time.
I’m sorry it had to go this way jonni, but you decided you wanted to leave if we didn’t give you 2/3 of all playtime as a scout, not me or anyone of the clan.
And so jonni leaves and blames me personally for not having a spare scout slot available at his disposal…………….ow well just another day in life!


Oct 17 2009

These aren’t the tf2street writers you’re looking for..

Oct 2 2009

TF2 Blows blows, here’s why

They interviewed Exfane.

In the interview an intoxicated Exfane spoils some FB state secrets, for which he will be executed.

As you may have noticed, we switched servers this week. We’re now on a shiny new quad-core machine. This means we can run more servers, STV relays and (private) Mumble servers.

The ‘old’ server is with us till the end of the year, so we have an even bigger shitload of bandwidth and server capacity than usual. If you’re in need for a server, ask around in #fakkelbrigade on Quakenet or contact us on Steam.

Sep 30 2009

TF2Street is…..

I’m still fascinated by the ‘tf2street’ blog and its contributors, here’s my guess for who writes it.

Knifeback Mountaineer